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The ultimate journey of discovery

A country with over 5000 years of history, yet quickly becoming the touchstone of the world, China is a place full of imagination and possibilities. Ancient wonders and scenic beauty combines with modern landscape and emerging destinations. A full range of options is available for any visitors from Beijing’s ancestral wonders to its modern Olympic heritage, Shanghai’s cosmopolitan fusion of futurism, French colonialism and old China to the amazing Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an, and unparalleled natural beauty of the wilds of the west.


A wealth of opportunities

With the rapid Chinese economic development, the whole sector for meetings and events has been created in China, including an extensive network of modern airports, world-class hotels, convention centers and resorts, and unique venues for special gala dinner or private intimate gatherings. It is hard to find another place like China that is so central to the wave of the future and the hold of the past.  All these provide unlimited possibility for business events and activities.