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Capacity China 2011 · 19-20 April 2011 & Capacity China 2012 · 17-18 April 2012

300 pax

Major Organizer: Capacity Media in UK

Subject: Telecom Industry Conference

What we have done:

- Made the entire production, including main meeting backdrop, welcome signage, roll-up banner, directional sign.

- Set up the entire Audio and Video system.

- Set up simultaneous interpretation system for 300 pax

- Arranged simultaneous interpreter introduction

- Printed and bid conference brochure


We have worked for this conference twice in Beijing.

Since the client is located in UK, we assisted with all the space and production measuring and production making in local.  We were able to ensure all the logo’s printing color is 100% same as the original. 

Conference brochure is 99% copying the one made in UK including the quality and way of bidding. Without any pre-review, we could guarantee everything is in order definitely.

Client’s feedback:

“Thanks for the update and all your help last week, the event was great!

I will be in touch when we start the preparations for 2013.”