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Brunswick Annual Partner Meeting · 8-11 May 2011


Company Background:

A very famous world-wide International Financial and Communication Consultant Company for more than 20 years. There are more than 80 partners all over the world now and setting up office in 16 major cities in the world. Including London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Stockholm, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Johannesburg, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Washington D.C. and Dallas/Fort worth.


What we have done:

- Arranged transportation for all outside dinner as well as various city transfer

- Arranged airport pick-up and see-off for all guests individually

- Arranged gala dinners and entertainment

- Organized group tour to Great Wall Shuiguan section

- Organized professional Filming and photo shooting

- Provided escorting service by professional Mandarin-English speaking guide


This is an annually event held at different country every year. This is the first time to hold this meeting in China, and even in Asia, so the company’s Beijing branch had very limited ideas and experience. The decision-making was often at very last-minute, and everything looked complicated and messy at the beginning.

It required many city transfers for different persons inquiries.  People kept forming groups and separating to smaller groups.

Hi-light solution:

Considering the limited timing, we presented the work timeline to the client at the first stage in order to provide a direction for action at different stages.  

A rich-experienced Account Manager was assigned to keep the communication with client frequently for confirming every night’s dinner venue, menu, wine selection and entertainment. Meanwhile, we prepaid for all dinner restaurants to simplify the payment procedure.

Dedicated staff and vehicles were assigned to standby at hotel for all last-minute inquiries. Detailed itinerary was prepared for each driver as clear guidance. Every single inquiry was served properly without missing any details.  Even client admitted it was a mission impossible, but we made it very successfully.

Client’s Feedback:

“I'm finally back in the UK and am writing to say a HUGE thank you.  You and your team are amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and

hope life wasn't too difficult working with both us and Brunswick.  I know the lead up was very confusing and really appreciate your patience.

I had an amazing time in Beijing which was greatly contributed to by your efficiency.  I really look forward to us being able to work with

you again in the near future.”